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It is in the nature of portraiture that we capture an essence of our most loving relationships


I believe this to be when natural expressions occur

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Adventure based Pet Portraits

The adventurous and classically inspired portrait


The Adventure

Our pets are curious, energetic, playful and adventurous!  There is no more natural way for them to express their spirit than to be “off the leash”.  I want your pets to explore and be excited in a natural and outdoor setting to showcase themselves and their curious nature.  The actual portrait is just one part of this process.  The experience or rather the adventure is the intangible key part.  What better way to bring out your pets’ personalities than to engage their bodies and minds?  Let them splash in waves, run through tall grass, smell a field of wildflowers or explore with their brothers or sisters!  You know as well as I do that they will LOVE you for it!  Imagine being able to capture the bond between you and your pet?  This is my approach to creating something unique with The Crafted Paw.


The Bond

The pets in our lives are part of our family.  The bond we share with them is deep.  They make us happy.  They listen to us no matter what we want to talk about, usually in our silly dog voice and they respond in their own way.  Sometimes we laugh and sometimes we just shake our heads in wonder, but we always love the affection our fur babies have for us.  Their love is unconditional.  And their personality is every bit as identifiable as that of our own.  These are just a few of the ways in which the bonds with our pets are created.  It is in the very nature of a portrait that we capture the essence of our most loving relationships, and are reminded of these bonds between them. 

The Portrait

The essence of a photograph is to capture a moment in time and say “This one we keep.  This moment stays.”.  If you take a second to realize how fleeting time is and how quickly it can change you can understand why this might be important to us.  In the example of family we treasure these images of our loved ones and we pass them down through generations.  

When I think of a portrait I think of a timeless and classical image that represents the subject in it’s most admirable likeness.  I happen to really love a regal portrait of a dog because of those qualities.  Sure, some pets may look cute in sunglasses and a pink skirt, which is cool if that’s your thing, but I’d rather craft a proud and honorable likeness for who your pet truly is. 

This, is The Crafted Paw.



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Allow your pet to explore and be excited in a natural and outdoor setting


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